Applying to Middlesex Defense Attorneys, Inc.

Middlesex Defense Attorneys, Inc (MDA) accepts applications throughout the year.  Attorneys applying to join the MDA panel should first review the CPCS Assigned Counsel Manual.  Interested attorneys need to complete both a CPCS Bar Advocate Training Program Application, which should be sent to CPCS, with a copy to MDA, and an MDA application, which needs to be sent to MDA (only).  Please include a resume with your application.

Once an attorney has reviewed the CPCS Assigned Counsel Manual and the applications, the attorney should not hesitate to call Joan Stone at MDA – 781-939-0441 – with any questions or concerns.

Before joining the  MDA panel, attorneys are required to complete the Zealous Advocacy training offered by CPCS and Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).  MDA reviews applications several months before each of these trainings and, at that time,  makes selections for inclusion in the training program.   CPCS makes the final decision.

While very experienced attorneys may apply for a waiver of the Zealous Advocacy training, their applications will be reviewed at the same time as other applications submitted.

CPCS Bar Advocate Training Program Application

MDA application